Frequently Asked Questions


Kyyti taxi-pooling service

Urgent matters

Please call our support for urgent situations +358(0)50 320 3422 (Oulu and Tampere) and +358(0)50 357 0550 (Turku). Otherwise, send us message

Customer service for Valmet Automotive -employees:

In any urgent situations, please call our customer service 09 2316 3777. Opening hours on weekdays from 9am to 4pm or send a message to

Problems with finding bus stops and buses or schedules?

Please contact to the service provider’s customer service directly:

  • Turku-Uusikaupunki bus: or customer service 01008840. Opening hours on weekdays from 9am to 6pm, (1,70 eur / min + ppm)
  • Föli – Turku region public transport: customer service/feedback 022624811. Opening hours on weekdays from 8 am to 3 pm, Saturdays from 9 am-2 pm)

What is Tuup?

Tuup is an enterprise mobility digital services provider. Tuup develops integrated multi-modal navigation applications that allows you to plan a route, compare the various mobility options and costs of different mobility services easily and safely from one application.

When using Tuup – Does it pay?

Using the Tuup application is free of charge. You pay only when you purchase services (e.g. Kyyti) from the Tuup application. The price of services is based on agreements between Tuup’s and service providers.

Why should I be forced to update my application?

Since the Tuup application and ordered Kyyti service is constantly evolving, we require updating to the latest version before you can use the application. This is due to a fact that ordering Kyyti is not necessarily even possible in older versions and conditions may change rapidly in the early stages of service development.

How can I give feedback from Tuup?

Feedback for the Tuup application can be administered either through the Tuup-app feedback Form or by sending an email to We continuously develop the Tuup application, and appreciate all the feedback.

Which phones are compatible with Tuup?

Tuup works on iOS and Android devices. We do not yet support the Windows operating system.

What is Tuup’s privacy policy?

How Tuup searches for routes?

Public transport routes and schedules throughout Finland are being monitored using Digitransit’s interface. DigiTransit Trip Planner is based on the Open and its development is coordinated by the Finnish Transport Agency and the Helsinki Region Transport HSL. It is constantly being developed, and we care about the feedback we have received regarding the routing from its developers.


What is Kyyti?

Kyyti is a mobility service that will take you from door to door. The Kyyti combines different passengers mobility needs in the most optimal way. The Kyyti is available in three different service categories, Express, Flex and Smart, whereby the price and travel time will vary accordingly. The Kyyti will be paid upfront, so you always know the price in advance. You can also order a Kyyti in advance. More information:

What is the difference between Express, Flex and Smart?

Express-class goes by the most direct route to your destination. Waiting and driving times are the shortest, and there is only a small spare the other passengers aboard to take.

Flex-class, as well as expectations that the run time can be flexible on Express a little more. The vehicle can easily outflank the other passengers aboard. Smart-class, as well as expectations that the run time can be flexible on far more than the Express. One vehicle will be able to collect a lot of passengers.

How can I give feedback about the Kyyti?

You can give feedback on the Kyyti-service via Tuup-app feedback Form or by sending an email to All feedback is important to us, so that we can develop a better service.

Kyyti ordering

Which region and where can I order a Kyyti?

You can order a Kyyti at the moment in the cities: Oulu, Turku and Tampere.


Kyyti taxi-pooling service operates also in Oulu’s municipalities, but their internal trips are not yet possible. You can order Kyyti from municipality to Oulu region and back. Please notify that origin of the trip or destination must be always Oulu region.

Kuivasjärvi – Heikinharju – Hiukkavaara – Iinatti – Metsokangas. Additionally Oulu’s airport area and municipalities.


From Raisio’s cove, bypass road to Ravattula. With the exception of Raisio center and airport
Ravattula – Piispanristi (Kaarina) and onward to Hirvensalo
The border in Hirvensalo is from Papinsaari to Pikinsaari
(Friskala, Haarla, Ruissalo and the municipalities aren’t part of the operating area in Turku)


From the center to municipalities, and also their internal trips.

What if the screen shows “The Kyyti is no longer available”?

This means that someone has already booked the Kyyti. Try again or change your flexibility another service class.

Can the Kyyti be ordered by calling over the phone?

You can currently order a Kyyti by only using the Tuup application. A Kyyti can not be ordered by phone.

Where can the Kyyti be ordered?

The Kyyti is ordered through Tuup. Tuup is an application that you can download on the Android and iPhone mobile phones. Ordering a Kyyti requires registration and payment record to the Tuup application.

Why no available options / I do not see Kyyti option?

Please make sure that you are ordering the Kyyti in the territory where the service is in operation. All vehicles may be busy, so please try again later.

Paying Kyyti

How do I pay with credit/debit -card?

If you have a combination card (credit/debit), you must choose whether the purchase is charged to the credit facility or directly to your bank account. The debit card number and a three-digit CVC2/CVV2 security code are on the back of the combination card. Further information:

Why an application does not accept my debit card?

Check whether your netbank website or contact your bank, for accepting your debit card functions and / or Internet shopping.

Can I pay for the Kyyti in advance on the app?

Yes. The Kyyti is always paid in advance and the price does not change in transit. The travel time fee is made known while ordering.

Can I pay by card or in cash for the Kyyti in the vehicle?

You cannot pay by cash. The Kyyti is always paid in advance when ordering through the app. This facilitates the traveling and sharing of the Kyyti with others.

Is the Kyyti always paid in advance application?

Yes, the Kyyti is always paid in advance through the Tuup application.

Kyyti and amendment cancellation

When can I cancel a Kyyti?

You can always cancel, but the fee is not refundable. Refunding the payment will be possible in the next version.

Can I get money back if I cancel my Kyyti?

At the initial stage if you cancel your Kyyti the fee is non-refundable. The partial reimbursement of the payment on your Kyyti to your bonus account becomes possible in the next version of the application.

Can I change my destination after the payment of a Kyyti?

The destination cannot be changed after the payment of a Kyyti.

Travelling by Kyyti

When will I know the exact time of departure and car number?

As you can board to become other, announce a precise timetable and vehicle number only before the start of your trip. You will get a message on your phone in good time, and a precise timetable will be displayed after the Kyyti-order through the Tuup application. Then you can also keep track of the Kyyti -map.

Please note that the Kyyti is based on efficiently driving times, regardless of your choice of service classes. The Kyyti combines customers journeys efficiently, and schedules are based on the respective vehicles capacity.

Can I track my Kyyti approaching on the map?

Yes. You can follow the Kyyti approaching in real time from your mobile device, once we have confirmed your pick-up time.

Where will the Kyyti pick me up?

A Kyyti to pick you up at your declared address and in exceptional circumstances from Kyyti-points.

Why does my Kyyti depart from Kyyti-point?

Kyyti-offer have been ordered for a Kyyti to pick you up. Pick up point is most often reported by address, but in some cases it may be our definition Kyyti-point, which is no more than a 5 minute walk from your ordered address.

Kyyti-points are used for transport by rail, bus and airports, as well as always in the center of the weekends at night. Kyyti-points are also used for public events. Kyyti-points allow us to ease congestion, making transport efficient.

If pick-up address is your current address rather than Kyyti-point, Kyyti offer has always shown a walking trail Kyyti at which a Kyyti to pick you up.

If the pick-up point is a Kyyti-point, the exact timetable is always set sufficiently early so that you have time to walk to the Kyyti-point.

Is there a Kyyti stops?

Kyyti-points are in use on public transport terminals, mass events and weekend nights in city centers.

Baggage and pets in Kyyti

What luggage is included in the price?

You can board at no extra charge one carry-on baggage per passenger and one normal-sized basic baggage. Also, normal purchases are read regular-sized basic baggage.

In addition, according no extra charge for having a folded wheelchair, walker, stroller or folding bike (one piece per passenger).

Please remember extra baggage we charge a surcharge. The carrying of pets is subject to the surcharge. Read more about the carriage of baggage under the Terms of Service:

What I can carry on the Kyyti?

You can board without prior notice and take one regular-sized basic baggage and one carry-on baggage per passenger. Also, normal purchases are read regular-sized basic baggage.

We also transport folded the walker, stroller, folding bike and wheelchair (1 piece / passenger) without notice and fee. Additional baggage includes higher basic goods (e.g. Bicycles, skis) and are subject to a surcharge. Transport of pets is also possible at an additional cost. We will not transport any goods which can be harmful to other passengers and no dangerous goods.

Children’s safety seats?

To Kyyti vehicle is possible to take own children safety seat, and we don’t charge any extra cost.

Read more about the transport of luggage and pets under the Terms of Service:

Can a dog or any other pet be taken on the Kyyti?

Yes. Kyyti can take your dog or other pet, which does not cause disturbance to other passengers. However, a pet is an additional charge and must be notified as additional baggage. Allergy sufferers should be aware that animals can travel onboard. We are not responsible for passengers suffering from allergic reactions.

Where can I enquire about my lost luggage?

You can inquire about lost baggage at:

Oulu: Pohjois-pohjanmaan Löytötavarapalvelut Ltd. Paakakatu 2, 90520 Oulu. Phone: 0600-550094 Price: 1.91 € / min + local network charge.

Turku: Suomen löytötavarapalvelu, Satakunnantie 17, 20300 Turku. Open Monday to Friday 9.00-17.00, Saturday 10.00-14.00. Phone: 0600-03391 Price: 1.91 € / min + local network charge. Website: