Terms of Use

Kyyti is a pooling service

Kyyti is a pooling service where the same car can be used to transport several customers simultaneously. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase the Kyyti service.

Kyyti -pooling provider

The Kyyti pooling service is provided by Kyyti Operointi Ltd, who order pooling services from the transport operator. Kyyti can be ordered via digital channel. At the beginning, the Tuup-application, will be used as the sales channel for the Kyyti services. The Tuup application is owned by Tuup Ltd. In the future, the Kyyti pooling will also be available via other sales channels.

Kyyti drivers

Kyyti Operointi Ltd. purchases shuttle services from reputably licensed Finnish taxi and public transport companies.

Kyyti -payment

Kyyti will be paid in advance when ordering the shuttle service to the sales channel provider, Tuup Ltd. Payment will be charged according to the type of payment method chosen by the customer. Payment directly to the driver is not possible. The fee is non-refundable even if the customer cancels or refrains from using the already ordered Kyyti.

Kyyti price and service categories

Kyyti prices will be informed in advance. You can choose from three service categories (Express, Flex and Smart). Service categories- Smart and Flex will give us more opportunities to provide the service efficiently and are thus priced cheaper than Express. Prices vary and depend on the class of service in addition to the demand and the availability of transport capacity.

Kyyti ordering

When making an order, please check the address, destination, desired date, class service, as well as the passenger and baggage information before doing the payment. Note that although generally the Kyyti pick-up point is an allocated and defined address, it may in some cases, for example, be an airport or downtown location on a weekend night, which can also be the “Kyyti-point”. In such cases, the Kyyti-offer is always submitted as well as your departure. Your Kyyti to the Kyyti-point and a walking distance between the two will be informed and can be maximum 5 minutes walking distance. The fee will not be returned for incorrectly ordered trips. We offer a full refund of the payment, if the ordering process by the customer was error-free, and the ordered service fails for any other reason.

Collecting Customers

Kyyti will not wait, so please be punctual at the pick-up point (allocated address or Kyyti-point) according to the order. The affordability of Kyyti is sharing efficiently vehicles capacity, so everyone should agree with the pick-up location in the interest of time. If the vehicle has been notified of the location, but the client does not arrive, the vehicle will continue the journey without the customer. The fee will not be refunded.

Fee structure

Every passenger will pay a separate fee, including children. The number of passengers travelling must be made known when ordering the vehicle. The ‘Kyyti journey’ ticket allows only the number of passengers that were notified during ordering. If the customer needs to increase the amount of passengers after the initial payment, then it is up to the new passengers to make a new and separate order. The driver may not be able to accept these new passengers in the same vehicle as the passengers from the original order. Parents and guardians are fully responsible for all children’s care and activities, whether they are travelling alone or not. The care and provision for children is not included.

The order number serves as the ticket

The order number serves as a ticket, and you must present it to the driver before boarding the vehicle. The ticket is valid until the agreed address. The order number must be kept throughout the journey.


You can board without notice and additional costs by taking one regular-sized basic bag and one carry-on bag per passenger. Carry-on baggage must be kept on your lap or legs without disturbing other passengers. Normal grocery shopping, though not more than two bags, are also included in regular-sized basic baggage. In addition, we transport walkers, strollers, bikes or wheelchairs (1 piece / passenger), as long as they are folded, without notice and extra fees. If baggage per passenger is more than the allocated amount, then the customer must inform the driver with regard to the amount of additional baggage. Additional baggage such as skis, bicycles, suitcase 23kg (length + width + height) of up to 158 cm) must be reported separately. Additional baggage charges apply. The driver has the right to deny access to the customer if the amount of luggage exceeds the order. Items that will never be put in the trunk include currency, valuable securities such as checks, bonds, money orders, passports, driver’s licenses, certificates, jewelry, portable electronics such as cameras, mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other fragile items, medicines and home and car keys. All the luggage compartment baggage must be packed in such a way that they can withstand normal handling and possible transition to a cargo compartment during the trip. Inform the driver in advance if your luggage is highly fragile or has a particularly valuable content. Loss of, or damage to baggage must be reported immediately to the driver, who will ask you to fill out a form.  We will not replace lost or broken luggage, if the form is not completed and returned to the driver. We do not carry dangerous baggage. We reserve the right to ask you to open your bag for inspection by the driver or any other officer of the company in your presence, while in transit, if for safety reasons it is deemed necessary. The maximum compensation liability of the Smart Ride for baggage is limited to 200€.

Wheelchair customers

Transporting wheelchairs is possible and will not be charged an additional cost, if it is folded in the vehicle and the customer travels as normal. The Kyyti does not offer the customer an escort, so please be prepared, if necessary, to have an escort at either, or both, of the pick-up and destination addresses. The driver is unable to escort.


Transporting pets is possible, but at an extra cost. The number of transported pets must be clarified as additional baggage. The driver may refuse to transport pets, if they see them as a potential threat or disturbance to other passengers or themselves. Kyyti is not responsible for any passengers allergic reactions, which may be caused by transporting the pets during the current journey or from previous journeys.

Smoking is not permitted

Smoking, including the use of electric cigarettes, is not allowed on Kyyti vehicles. The driver can request the passenger to leave the vehicle if they do not comply with the smoking ban and immediately quit smoking.

The use of alcohol is not permitted

Kyyti is not permitted to allow passengers to consume alcoholic beverages or use narcotic substances in their vehicles. The driver may require passengers to leave the vehicle, if they do not comply. The use of narcotic substances will also be reported to the police.

No harassment

Kyyti service has zero tolerance for all forms of harassment and inappropriate behavior. The driver is right to remove the customer who disturbs other passengers or the driver in a sexual, racial or otherwise inappropriate way. The driver has the right to deny access to a customer who is behaving aggressively or in any other way that he can obviously be expected to harass with or to be a danger or disturbance to other passengers.

The driver has the right to prevent the customer behaving in above-described manner, from leaving the vehicle at the same address with the person that has been harassed, if the driver assumes that the security of the harassed person would otherwise be compromised.

Security can be seen to be put at risk especially if the driver is being harassed. Kyyti reserves the right to deny clients from boarding the vehicle, who were previously using a Kyyti-service and were being guilty of harassment, as described above, especially if there is no end of the disruptive or inappropriate behavior. Persons carrying out this behaviour as stipulated above, whether they are already in the vehicle or plan to enter the vehicle, will not be refunded.

Kyyti and other transport services

If you’re using your Kyyti journey as part of a larger ride (e.g. to continue the journey across other transport services), please make sure that you have enough time to change from the vehicle to another transport mode. Kyyti limit their liability Kyyti service price, if you miss a connection at arrival, because of the Kyyti delay. The company will pay back a Kyyti ticket price if the customer misses another transport connection due to a delay. While we strive for accuracy at the reported time, we cannot guarantee a minute by minute schedule. We do not compensate the price due to minor delays.

The waiting and travel time flexibility

The service categories (Express, Flex and Smart) make it possible for you to influence your Kyyti price and eco-friendliness by giving us the opportunity to provide the service as efficiently as possible while you decide what is the optimal waiting period for you. Please note that the increased flexibility of the service classes (Flex and Smart) can arrive quickly, so please be ready to leave during this period. We will let you know the pick-up time well in advance before the vehicle arrives. The vehicle cannot wait for you if you are not present and punctual at the specified location. We do this for the optimal functioning of the service and for everyone’s mutual interest.


Any claims can be sent by e-mail to reklamaatiot@tuup.fi

Storage of Customer Data

Subscriber information is stored at Kyyti Operointi Ltd’s customer database. By subscribing to the Kyyti, the customer accepts Kyyti’s Privacy Policy. Customer Registry privacy policy is available on the Kyyti- website www.kyyti.info

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