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Kyyti Operointi Ltd’s customer database privacy policy

Version: 27/02/2017

This Privacy Policy is the Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10 § file description, and according to § 24 of the information document in accordance with Kyyti-users of the service.

Kyyti Operointi Ltd. (“Kyyti”) collects personal information about customers. This Privacy Policy describes what personal information we collect, how we handle your personal data and how you can use your rights related to your personal information.

Kyyti process your personal data in accordance with the legislation in force.

This Privacy Policy may be updated. You can find an updated version on our website This Privacy Policy applies to all in connection with the implementation of Kyyti services to personal data processed.

This Privacy Policy applies only to personal data processing activities of the Kyyti. This Privacy Policy does not cover the processing of data by third parties and we are not responsible for third parties to carry out the processing of data.

The Registrar

Person registrar:

Kyyti Operointi Ltd. (“Kyyti”)

Business ID: 2801777-9

Address: Pasilankatu 2, 00240 Helsinki



Person in charge of register issues: COO Pekka Niskanen,

Data content of the register

Personal data which we collect from our users:

Basic information

Basic information we may collect is e-mail address, first and last name, address and telephone number.

The information on orders

The ordered and purchased, Kyyti trips to collect information charges, the timing and the order for any additional information given (e.g. number of persons, luggage).

Location information

When the customer places the order, the coordinates of the address will be automatically stored in the database. The Kyyti service delivery information can be written to receipt for the customer if they so desire. Order data can be deleted at the request of the customer.

Reviews and feedback from use of the service

We can do a customer survey to collect information on the usability of the service. We can also ask for more detailed background information such as gender, age, place of residence and car ownership. Responding to customer enquiries is always voluntary.

The purpose of processing personal data

Kyyti uses your personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/1999) for the following purposes:

In order to offer our service as well as discharge their obligations under a contractual relationship

We process personal information primarily to provide services and products to you.

We process information for the treatment, management, and development of, for example, licenses, customer relationships and services. The registry data are processed to identify Kyyti privat and organizational customers and Kyyti-products and processing of personal data in order to ensure information security, detection of error conditions, as well as determining any possible misuse and privacy violations. In addition, information is also used for the number of services used, as well as follow-up costs and the allocation for the settlement. Personal information is also used in your payments, as well as the potential returns processing, as well as affiliate provider, in order to give the necessary information to deliver your order.

If you contact our customer service, we will use the given information to answer your questions and solve any complaints. In order for our service and our products to meet your expectations, the given information can be used, for example, for customer satisfaction surveys. We can also ask a third party to conduct such a survey on our behalf.

Customer communications

Kyyti treats your personal information to inform you of any change in service and products. We may also use your information to send you newsletters, provided that you have given your consent to this.

The development of service

We can handle your information to improve our service and the quality of our products, for example, by analyzing the use of our services. We aim to use for this purpose, anonymous demographic information, whereby the person cannot be identified.

Regular sources of information

Information about the client is obtained by a supply of sales channels. At the initial stage the only sales channel is Tuup Ltd. In the future, there may be several sales channels.

Information relating to the customer can also be collected from the customer themselves, for example, from customer surveys, and responding for them is optional for the customer.

Regular transfers and disclosures

Kyyti can share information with business partners, with whom it offers along with the products or services. These may be related for other transport and mobility service providers, travel agents, travel destinations, cities and the applicable authorities.

Please be aware that the privacy policies of external partners are beyond our control. Such service providers may contact you to request additional information regarding your order or to answer any submitting your review.

Information is not transferred to countries whose data protection laws of the EU, the Commission does not consider it sufficient. Information will not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

If Kyyti Operointi Ltd. is party to a merger, business acquisition or other business transaction, we may transfer your personal information to a third party who is involved in the acquisition. In such a situation, we guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information and will notify customers prior to the transfer of data or an applicable privacy policy change.

 Data Protection

The register is protected by adequate technical and administrative means. Personal data is handled only by a Kyyti defined persons or Kyyti employees in their work.

Access to the system is limited and registration is protected by a firewall, and access management.

The right of inspection

The customer is under the Personal Data Act, the right to check once a year, free of charge, what information about him is stored in the registry. A free-form request should be sent in writing, signed by the above-mentioned register of the person in charge. The request must include the necessary data for identification in order to access information. Such information includes the name and email address. We also need information on whether to allow the transmission of data by e-mail. Smart Ride send data to just a service to the stored e-mail address.

The right to correct data

The customer can correct data themselves by logging in and using the Smart Ride to the sales channel (at the beginning only Tuup application) and by going to their own data. The Smart Ride will update the information in the customer database. In other cases the customer can submit a free-form repair request to the above-mentioned register of the person in charge. The request must state the identity of the listed in the previous paragraph.


You may refuse the use of data from sending you newsletters. If the customer bans the use of data for sending newsletters, they will be sent only the essential information about the changes related to the use of the service.


This privacy policy may be updated. You can find an updated version on our We will not make substantial changes to this statement and we will not reduce your rights without notice of these changes.



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